Business winners from the snowy weather

The news has been full of stories about people who haven’t been working because of the bad weather – teachers particularly come to mind – but what about those with strategies that mean they could continue to work?

And whenever there is a major interruption such as this spell of snow and bad weather, I wonder how many companies step back and think about how they might set themselves up better, so that next time something similar happens, they are ready to carry on regardless?

According to one local business I know, that provides scanning software and electronic file back-up services, the bad weather was no problem for their clients – they simply logged in from wherever they were (mostly stuck at home) and could carry on with work by accessing data as easily as if they were at their desks. By having all their paper files scanned and logged electronically, they can be accessed from anywhere, rather than in the office in the cabinet where they are kept. Of course, this stuff is entirely normal for those who already do it, and perplexingly complicated (and they probably think terribly expensive) for those who haven’t taken the trouble to have a good look.

But what’s the better option? Expect staff to travel miles in dangerous conditions to go and work in an office, or do the same thing at a distance, without having to risk sliding around on the snow?

I started backing up my data online some long time ago, and so am convinced of the virtual storage world. If you want to know more about scanning and virtualising documents, take a visit here.


Has commercial property turned the corner?

For all those who thought the worst was over in the commercial property market, comes news today to send a shiver through those real estate developers hanging on by a thread.

For Kilmartin Holdings and Thornfield Ventures have both been placed in administration, according to Property Week magazine. And once again, it is British banks that are in the red thanks to the demise of these companies. How many more will fall as we head into spring?

The curious flipside is that we are currently working with a US private equity group that is interested in partnering with developers on major projects worth a minimum $500 million – so long as the developer has at least 25% to bring to the table. So there is plenty of money out there, for those developers keen to pursue projects – even if the banks have lost their appetite.

Time to make a New Year’s resolution?

It’s time for many people to make new year resolutions, and alas for too many people 2010 may not be a happy new year.

According to a report in the last week in the Times, many thousands of people will have no pay rise to look forward to in the coming year, as a large number of private sector employers are planning pay freezes. And that’s the good news for those who have not been made redundant, or lost their jobs due to downsizing. Of course our hard up Government is planning a similar fate for public sector workers.

What are you planning to achieve in the coming year? I have already made plans for my businesses; for the part time business that I am involved in, I plan to double my income by the end of 2010. That will mean my monthly residual income from the business will more than cover my mortgage – and it will still be a part-time business.

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This is a solid, get rich slow scheme that is working for many people in the UK, with the backing of a growing listed British plc. As you might expect of a company showing steady growth, pretty much everyone involved is happy, positive and helpful – reason enough to check it out.

Who do you know who is unemployed, looking for a job or just looking for something to help deliver their new year’s resolution of making 2010 much better for them than 2009 was?

It may be a mother looking for a flexible, part time way to earn some more money; a retired person keen to supplement their pension; perhaps a mature person who has been made redundant and is looking for an alternative rather than face a long, frustrating job search for a new position that will probably be less senior and less well paid than the one they left; or a student or graduate looking for a way to start building a regular income to help pay off debts while the job market gets back to normal over the coming months.

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