Business winners from the snowy weather

The news has been full of stories about people who haven’t been working because of the bad weather – teachers particularly come to mind – but what about those with strategies that mean they could continue to work?

And whenever there is a major interruption such as this spell of snow and bad weather, I wonder how many companies step back and think about how they might set themselves up better, so that next time something similar happens, they are ready to carry on regardless?

According to one local business I know, that provides scanning software and electronic file back-up services, the bad weather was no problem for their clients – they simply logged in from wherever they were (mostly stuck at home) and could carry on with work by accessing data as easily as if they were at their desks. By having all their paper files scanned and logged electronically, they can be accessed from anywhere, rather than in the office in the cabinet where they are kept. Of course, this stuff is entirely normal for those who already do it, and perplexingly complicated (and they probably think terribly expensive) for those who haven’t taken the trouble to have a good look.

But what’s the better option? Expect staff to travel miles in dangerous conditions to go and work in an office, or do the same thing at a distance, without having to risk sliding around on the snow?

I started backing up my data online some long time ago, and so am convinced of the virtual storage world. If you want to know more about scanning and virtualising documents, take a visit here.