Experts in the media – entertainment dressed up as fact?

I nearly choked on my dinner last week, when Roger Southam appeared on ITV’s Tonight programme as a “consumer expert”. The guy runs a property management company, that always appeared to punch well above its weight in terms of media column inches – and quotes from Roger in particular – when I was working for his much larger rival. If Roger’s a consumer expert, then we all are.

It seems the views of an “expert” are more interesting than ever. So what are journalists interested in (and what do they think we, the punters are interested in)? The ten most viewed expert profiles on this year are:

consultant forensic psychologist

dating and sex expert

psychological therapist

doctor and social commentator

psychologist and dating/relationship coach

social anthropologist and flirtologist

classical historian

doctor of clinical psychology

love doctor

archaeologist and historian

So there we are, we are all obsessed by love, by the past, and by what we are thinking. Welcome to the brave new 2010.