Book review – The Business Technology Handbook

How do you set up a business to be more efficient? There’s plenty of technology out there, from clever phone answering to automated email marketing and sophisticated CRM. So how do you cut through the complexity and find out what will be really effective for you?

In a new book – The Business Technology Handbook – Nigel Maine helps cut through some of that complexity, and points out that it won’t always be the salesman’s responsibility to sell you the best system for you – rather he’ll sell you the system he has to sell. As ever, the devil is in the detail and in stepping back and fundamentally understanding what you want a piece of kit or a system to do for you, before starting to make a shortlist.

Nigel’s background is a very useful one in this instance. He spent years in telecoms, so understands both sides of the fence when looking at the selling-buying interface. His book also contains useful case studies demonstrating how, when you choose the right system – whatever the part of the business you are trying to smarten up – there can be dramatic improvements in efficiency and customer experience.

Nigel doesn’t fall completely for new technology. His book also runs through the time-served marketing steps any business can effectively take through networking and shared promotion, as no amount of email marketing can beat face to face interactions for many businesses.

More about the book here.