I write for other people. A lot – articles, features, websites, and blogs. And I train people to become better, more confident writers themselves, so they can blog better. So it’s about time I had a blog of my own.

I’m Chris Bown, and my main interest is in helping people communicate better. Strangely, as marketing has become more digital, so working out the message and choosing the right words have remained just as important as ever. My interests include helping with communication, and working with business to improve visibility and the message. I also write about planning and property issues here, and about the changing world of work. And I’m part of the SME7 project to overhaul British small business.


One Comment on “About”

  1. Peter Jones says:

    Chris, what do you think about this ?

    With the global reach of the internet and the ability to talk to people of many different cultures, communication has become much MORE important. With the advent of social media, everyone now has the ability to talk to the wider world. But what do we say when we do ?

    If SME7 is to focus on key skills, communication has to be a key business pillar, and very relevant to the national export drive.

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