A valuable social media event

I spent an educational day yesterday at The Social Customer, a one day conference on social media – how customers are using it, and how businesses are reacting to it. The speakers were all from larger companies, or from those assisting larger organisations with their social media.  

I’ll probably dissect what I learned in more detail, later. But the key messages I took away were: 

* just get stuck in – there’s no manual for this stuff, and big or small, no amount of planning will prevent mistakes. So get on and make them

* working out your return on investment is difficult – you have to commit, and see what return you get down the line

* ignoring social media is about as sensible as thinking the internet won’t affect your business

* if you’re a small organisation, social media is easier – yes, really. Big companies may be able to put dedicated staff onto the job, BUT they have to deal with technologically ignorant bosses, bureaucracy, silo mentalities or interdepartmental infighting, and daft rules such as those that prevent staff accessing the internet at work! 

The event was well organised, the speakers disarmingly candid, and the link to Frank Eliason live from the USA worked well too (even if the sound did make my ears bleed, a bit). Well done to Luke Brynley-Jones for his hard work. 


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