New St Pancras Hotel – not quite open yet

I was passing the beautiful St Pancras station where, according to a feature in the Sunday Times, the Gothic building at the front has now been converted into a Renaissance brand hotel for the Marriott group. And the interiors are stunning.

Except – unless you’re a journalist – you won’t be allowed to see them just yet. The hotel is open, sort of, in that you can apparently book a hotel room. But the common areas are only open in as much those with reservations can book in at reception. I strode in, expecting to be able to review the bar area and the response from the somewhat scary security staff was: “Nyet.” As in the Russian for no – or equally, short for “not yet”.

My tip – if you want to take a look around, walk in carrying a suitcase.

So why take bookings for a hotel that’s not properly open yet? I’m guessing the builders are behind schedule – and a lawyer somewhere is rubbing his hands at the contest to come.