What’s really wrong with our education system

Our world is changing fast – and in the current recession, the relevance of our education is being challenged more than ever. This year’s graduates at all levels of school and college are going to work hard, get great exam results, and then discover that the employment market is exceedingly tough.

No one today can expect a job for life, so we all need to think about constant learning. And we need to be ready for changes in direction, if technology or another key change in business cuts off the path we were pursuing.

In fact, perhaps the concept of the job, of being in employment, is an outdated concept. More and more people should be thinking about how they will earn their living – NOT how they will get a job. Because right now, there are going to be a lot more people out there looking for a way to earn, than there will be suitable jobs just waiting to be filled.

So perhaps, rather than worrying about how much less will be spent on education – the obsession of the last week in politics and the media – we should be worrying about what that money is being actually spent on, and what skills and benefits it is actually providing to our young people. Here’s a thought provoking video on the topic, that makes a great argument for change. And, along the way, provides a great explanation for the epidemic of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD):