What do I blog about?

This week, I was taken aside by a business colleague, who then said to me: “I know I should be blogging, I’m in marketing after all, and I tell my clients I should do, but what should I write about?”

My suggestion was to consider three pointers:

1) ongoing issues in your sector

Make a list of the key issues facing your business sector at the moment – things that will continue to be issues, and you could probably write about them in a year from now without them having moved out of date. As an example, if you are in the motor industry, it might be electric cars.

These are issues you can proactively plan and write about. Your blog entries don’t need to be tied to an event or a date, so you could potentially write them at your leisure and post them in due course.

2) what have you been up to lately?

We’re all busy people, often doing things that we think are entirely common sense, but to an outsider might be clever, interesting, or helpful. So, without embarrassing the client for whom you may be working (unless they and you will mutually benefit from mentioning them, and they’ve said they are happy to be mentioned), go ahead and write about how you helped them recently.

3) what’s your take?

Blogs are meant to give the reader an insight into your views and your passions. So keep an eye on news happenings in your sector, and comment on them. This has to be reactive, but you probably keep regularly abreast of activities in your sector anyway. They could be items in the national press, or specific niche items that appear in your trade media. Always be sure to reference the source of the information to legitimise it, before adding your take.