Education is failing employers and students, everywhere

Look down this blog and you’ll find an entertaining video accompanying comments about the inadequacy of the British education system.

But it seems we are no worse than anywhere else – education systems everywhere are failing to serve business and the students it claims to help. Last night Vineet Nayar, chief executive of global IT services company HCL Technologies was speaking on Radio 4’s The Bottom Line. Interviewer Stephanie Flanders said he had been quoted having a go at the US education system, but Nayar pointed out it was a global problem:

“My comment was about graduates all across the world, whether it is Indian, Chinese, UK or the Americans – the curriculum in schools and colleges today is not apt, it is actually obselete compared to what we need in a job. Therefore at HCL, we end up training every single employee for six months before he is employable and deployed into a project. That’s a colossal global waste. And my comment is whether it is a US education, or Indian or Chinese education, we have to do something about changing that, so that the graduates when they come out, are employable day one rather than day six months.”

If you fancy listening to more, it’s on the BBC Iplayer here. So if you are a teenager, why waste time on further education?

Nayar also had a tilt at another area of waste he sees: the British “old boy’s club” which means government contracts are still awarded to a small coterie of incumbents. His company, he insists, could provide an equivalent service for less, a mantra that fits perfectly with the current government’s views. He’s waiting for their call, apparently.

Catch him on video here.


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