From the Chelsea flower show to Formula One, is the BBC selling out?

I was watching some of the BBC’s coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show, and pondering on why there seemed to be so much of it.

I stand to be corrected here by a keener viewer, but it seemed lots more than in previous years, so I couldn’t help wondering if this was the credit crunch in operation – once you’ve decided to send the team to Chelsea, why not see how many hours of TV you can get out of them.

While I was musing this, I was entertained to see Alan Titchmarsh struggle to blurt out “…here at the Chelsea Flower Show, sponsored by M&G Investments…..” Apart from the obvious problem he seemed to have getting this to slip off his tongue, it set me wondering: is this the first time the show has been sponsored thus? Is it the first time the presenters have been required to mention the main sponsor on air?

Of course, the whole event has turned into a sponsor-fest, with just about every garden sponsored in some way, and there were plenty of M&G banners in shot hanging from posts. And on reflection, we’re quite used to Sue Barker introducing the “Flora London marathon” etc.

I thought not much more of it, until alerted to PC Pro’s blog about the BBC’s Formula One coverage, and the fact that Jake Humphrey can now be seen brandishing a clearly branded Ipad on screen.

Does this mean they will finally give up sticking Post It notes over the brand names on the ingredients on Ready Steady Cook?

That PC Pro piece is here.


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