The best and worst of management blogging

Once upon a time, it was thought a great idea for business leaders to blog – about their vision, about their business, and so on.

Many fell by the wayside, knocked sideways by consumer complaints. There’s no point warbling on about how marvellous the cars you make are, if half of them are in having defective accelerator pedals repaired, for example.

But still, there are some prime examples of the genre, and we’re indebted to Santham Sanghera of the Times in London for drawing our attention to some real howlers in his “survey of the many woeful management blogs out there”. And top of his list is a blog from F. John Reh, and in particular his treatise entitled “The Coffee Cup As a Management Tool”.

Says Santham: “The most extraordinary thing about this posting is simply the idea that anyone should find it necessary to write a 666-word essay advising people on how to have a coffee with a colleague. I was going to say that it serves no purpose at all, but maybe, in a roundabout way, it does, in that it illustrates two important points: some managers really do live on another planet; and most management blogging is incredibly inane.”

More on this – and the runners up – here.


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