Threshers – confusion marketing to the last

Press reports of discounted bounty at Threshers stores meant I dropped by my local store Sunday afternoon. I had to wait for the member of staff on duty as he was on the shop phone sorting out his mobile phone top-ups – nuff said.

I asked him to explain the plethora of discounted signs, mostly hand-written, about the store. “There’s 25% of everything, except beer…etc, etc” he explained, leaving me none the wiser. Was that 25% off the shelf edge prices – which none of us have been paying for three years, as they always encouraged you to buy 3 but pay for 2? Or off the net price? Confused, I headed for a handwritten deal at £7.20 – which the shop assistant and his till asked me to pay £6 for.

Confusing to the end.

When did it all start going wrong? Any why did Threshers always have to make everything so complicated. Does anyone else remember, before their daft 3 for 2 offer, they used to have their own coding system for the stock. While the rest of the world used barcodes, Threshers had a brainwave of giving each item its own stock number – which then had to be printed on a label and stuck to each bottle in the shop; then certain bottles wouldn’t be in the computer system, so the assistants would have to find a workaround.

Trouble is, the supermarkets are copying them now, Sainsburys is encouraging us all to buy 3 for £10 instead.

Any chance the drink-drive arrests will be up this winter?




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