Simon Cowell – too powerful?

A throwaway remark from the compere on last night’s X Factor rather gave the game away – going first to Simon Cowell because he was “contractually obliged to” rather pointed out who’s really in charge of the whole, carefully staged event that is The Simon Cowell Show – er, sorry, X Factor.

Good luck to Simon. He’s made pots of money from his ventures. But I do worry about how many hours his enterprise has of TV time, plus his apparent armlock on the whole process of creating new pop stars. In the real world, we know there are plenty of other ways to achieve what you want – but what’s worrying is the number of the general public who seem to think that winning the X Factor is the only way they will achieve success. And they think that becoming a pop star will make them happy. 

And, oh the amount of crying along the way (whether they win or lose, it seems). With product placement about to become legit, it’s a shoe-in for Kleenex!

But, on the day when the Daily Mail printed a lengthy apology to Madge announcing it had paid substantial damages for publishing pix of her wedding without her say so, I’m just wondering if celebrities don’t have too much control of the British media.


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