Unemployed? No need to be with this news

I just spent Sunday with 1,500 very positive people – it was seriously uplifting. 

My partner and I are agents for a company that provides great value utility services and a range of other savings for householders across the UK. And they are growing by more than 10,000 new customers a month, with a target of doubling in size within three years. 

Which means everyone is busy, all the company staff are absolutely certain of their jobs, and us as agents are set fair for consistent increases in what we earn every month. So no talk of a downturn for us – this was a roomful of smiley, happy people.

In fact, for anyone who has lost their job or is worried about losing their job, or is keen to look at a way of earning extra money, this might just be a great opportunity. It’s simple, part time, flexible and ethical. As a FTSE 250 listed company, with an OFGEM and OFCOM licence to protect, the company is protective of its brand, but suffice to say those interested should visit http://www.mustardmini.co.uk and click on Earn With Us – once you have enjoyed the French & Saunders clips prepared for your enjoyment.


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